Our products

With six unique products on offer, Little Darlings Kitchen provides home cooked meals without any of the normal prep and fuss!

Healthy, wholesome and fresh food made with simple ingredients to help little bodies grow and help keep the adult body nourished.

Nowadays, while most of us are busy and time poor, we still strive to ensure our families eat well. It sometimes requires a lot of organisation and preparation, so we’ve taken the hassle out of that process and teamed up with the absolute best in the industry to ensure Yia Yia Mary’s recipes are kept true to her own kitchen.

The cooking process we adopted ensures no nutrients are lost, the ingredients are wholesome and fresh, and like Mary often says, “there’s no rubbish!”.

Little Darlings Kitchen is here to make sure you always have a healthy, nutritious and tasty home cooked meal on the table with ‘no nasties’, just an abundance of vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices and our special touch!

With a background in child care , we know all too well how prevalent dietary requirements have become in children (and adults), which is why we insisted on only using clean ingredients and a specialised kitchen facility in the creation of our products.

Our product range covers almost any dietary requirements that you may face.

We have products that cater for:


Dietary requirements are a no brainer when you don’t have to dissect and look up the ingredients!

Here at Little Darlings Kitchen we have kept it simple and gone back to basics using only fresh, whole ingredients – no powdered alternatives! We cook with olive oil, we don’t add any sugars and we certainly don’t use any artificial flavours, colours, ingredients with numbers, additives or preservatives!

There are currently six products in our range: