Our Cookbook

The dinner table is a place where families come together to eat, share, love and laugh. So, wouldn’t it make mealtime more special if everyone at the table enjoyed the same food?

Yia Yia Mary, great-grandmother to one, grandmother to nine and mother to three – has seen it all when it comes to children and food. Cooking for her own family from the age of ten, her kitchen is her heart and soul, and she would be lost without it.

Yia Yia’s Kitchen Secrets contains a collection of Mary’s most popular recipes amongst her own children, grandchildren, and all the children who have attended Little Darlings Child Care Centres – whom she has cooked for over the past 16 years.

With over 50 on offer, the recipes in this cookbook are simple, delicious and children absolutely love them!

How do we know? These recipes have been tried and tested by over 3000 children… and counting!

We haven’t met anyone else who can get a ‘picky eater’ to consume black eye beans or broccoli and then ask, “Please Yia Yia can I have some more?”… Yia Yia Mary can, that’s who!

Parents at Little Darlings Child Care Centres were coming up to Mary and asking her for her black eye bean recipe, her lentil recipe, her chickpea recipe … the list went on, and the number of requests on an annual basis was constantly on the rise.

That’s why we thought to compile all of Mary’s most loved recipes into her very own cookbook – Yia Yia’s Kitchen Secrets.

Like Yia Yia we want our kids to eat well. However as busy hardworking parents we tend to rely on the few recipes we know best. Yia Yia’s Kitchen Secrets is here to break that cycle and help you to cook an array of nutritious, healthy, tasty meals your kids will devour and your partner will love!

Take the chance to indulge in the art of cooking and bring the family together with Yia Yia Mary’s yummy meals.