Meet the Family

Quality, health and nutrition are the most important factors at Little Darlings Kitchen; They remain at the forefront of every decision we make.

The brains and passion behind all Little Darlings Kitchen products is a full family affair, headed up by matriarch – Yia Yia Mary. Our vision is to redefine what ‘packaged’ food should taste like and set a new benchmark for what it means to have good, nutritious, healthy food available for growing families.

Little Darlings Kitchen was established out of demand – demand for healthy, nutritious, wholesome and clean food for children; everything they need to help their little bodies grow. Our food is made with real ingredients, no nasties and offers parents an 100% guilt-free meal option for their busy families.

The concept for these ingenious products started from a simple question, one that has been asked for over 16 years:


"Yia Yia Mary is our mum. (Yia Yia - pronounced ya ya - is Greek for grandmother).

Yia Yia Mary

In 2001, my sister Marika and I started our own child care centre, Little Darlings, in the Sutherland Shire. Mary is our on-site chef and has been cooking up a storm for the children there, just the way she would as if she were at home cooking for her own grandchildren – all ten of them, including her first great-grandchild!

Mary’s genuine passion to feed the masses with good wholesome food is the basis for her amazing culinary reputation. Who else could get a child to eat black eye beans, spinach or broccoli and then ask “please Yia Yia can I have some more?”

These very words were, and still are, music to Mary’s ears because feeding children is her entire world!

“Of course!” she would reply with a smile reflecting her deep satisfaction. It was as though every time a child asked her for more, she was somehow succeeding in saving the world one plate at a time. As the years went on, parents at Little Darlings couldn’t believe what their children were having for lunch. We even had to sneak some parents in during lunchtime so that they could witness it for themselves.

The children then started asking for Yia Yia Mary’s meals for dinner.

From there began the next phase of our journey!

We developed a cookbook – Yia Yia’s Kitchen Secrets . Founded on 15 years’ experience entrenched in the flourishing child care centre, the cookbook contains the top 50 most popular recipes among the children. The parents loved it, but like most of us, life gets busy and finding the time to shop for ingredients, cook and clean up can be too much.

Parents would often ask Mary to cook for them – “Mary please, what do I have to do to get my hands on your food!”

… and there marks the beginning of Little Darlings Kitchen!

With 6 products currently on offer, Mary is the mastermind behind every recipe and oversees every step of the process; so much so Little Darlings Kitchen is essentially home-cooked food for your very own ‘Little Darlings’.

Every Little Darlings Kitchen product is free from:

  • preservatives
  • added sugars
  • artificial flavours
  • artificial colours
  • numbers
  • other nasties.

Little Darlings Kitchen is the solution for the time-poor. Not only does it cut out the prep time and fuss, every serving is healthy, clean and nutritious – just what little bodies need to thrive!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) most recent study of vegetables and legumes found that among children, it was estimated less than 1% met their [daily] recommended number of serves. Less than 1%!

Little Darlings Kitchen will help your children to meet their recommended daily consumption of vegetables and legumes. All our meals are fully loaded with all the goodies, so that your children are not only eating vegetables but eating a whole array of vegetables.

Like Mary says “there’s no rubbish in my food, just lots of vegetables, legumes, herbs, spices and protein”. Healthy eating habits need to start from a young age and that’s what Little Darlings Kitchen food aims to do; broadening palates but most importantly teaching children what good, healthy, nutritious food tastes like.

Yours in good health, harmony and happiness –