Do you know what these mean???
For each food group, the Australian Government has developed a recommended number of servings to be had each day, or what’s known as a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI), to help Australians understand what a healthy diet should consist of. There is an RDI for vegetables along with all the other food groups. We had a nutritionist look at ALL our products and determine how many serves of vegetables are in each of them. The result is these two figures that you’ll find on every single one of our products. It represents how our products contribute to the government’s RDI of vegetables as a number of serves as well as an overall % (with particular reference to the 2-3year old age group). With roughly only 1% of Aussie kids in this age group meeting the RDI of vegetables, we are so passionate about helping kids to meet these RDI’s!! Did you know that our Veggie Napolitana Sauce provides 40% of the RDI of vegetables in just one serving for this age group… that’s just less than 50% of the RDI of vegetables in one meal!
Our passion for nutritious, wholesome and healthy meals is why we started in the first place and why we were determined to develop a product that was just REAL FOOD with no substitutes, powdered ingredients, added sugars, preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours!!!